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прокат авто с водителем

Hire of the car with the driver in Minsk

Rate of modern life is so high that often mobility plays an important role in achievement of success. Everywhere to be in time, it is always necessary to have near at hand an individual transport. However sometimes it isn't possible most to take the wheel of own or leased car. And here then there is irreplaceable a car-rental with the driver

Conditions and cost of rent service

The exact cost of rent in each case for you will be calculated by our consultants.

Discounts at rent of a car for 3 hours will be offered you and more.

You can take in hire the car with the driver as a transfer in the National airport, and also in the Vilnius or Moscow airports.

We accept demands for rent of a car by phones, and also on e-mail. You can pay services through the cash or clearing settlement.

We pay separate attention to each client and we conduct flexible price policy

Than rent of a car differs from a taxi call

As a rule, services of a taxi become less favorable financially if your route includes many points and takes some hours. When you rent the car with the driver, this transport will be completely at your disposal and you will pay for an hour, but not for kilometer. Therefore trips on extended distances for you will be cheaper, than by a taxi.

At car-rental you can receive full maintenance you and your partners  or guests during the day (for example, if you planned some business meetings, and in the evening a banquet). The driver will bring you to all actions in time, and upon termination of everything will bring home. You don't need to worry about a taxi or control of own car.

Прокат автомобиля с водителем в Минске

Taking a car in hire for some days, you can not worry how you will reach these or those destinations. You will be always waited by the driver who will quickly bring you to the necessary address.

Rent of a car with the driver is especially convenient for guests of the capital who badly are guided in the city. Our drivers can meet them directly on railway or bus station, at the airport, to bring to hotel or apartments and further to bring to the right places in the city. Guests shouldn't study a map of the city and to wander in to look for addresses as in case of car-rental without driver, or every time to call a taxi to go to a new place.

Vehicle fleet and personnel

 The park of our service of hire is made by cars of a business class and representative models. These cars will become a worthy choice as for a meeting at the airport of diplomats and heads of the companies, and for a trip on an important meeting or a celebration.


Авто представительского класса Прокат минивенов Аренда микроавтобусов
VIP Cars  Mini Bus Bus

Each our driver is the skilled and skillful driver with a sufficient experience who had special training for work with clients in the sphere of rent of cars. All drivers well know Minsk and perfectly are guided in a neighbourhood map and in general all country.

Advantages and benefits of rent of the car with the driver

- you don't need to worry about documents on the car;

- on you doesn't lie responsibility for a car;

- the condition of the leased car is watched by the driver and our mechanics;

- you aren't tired at a wheel and you can solve on the way the problems;

- and at last, to appear somewhere on the car of a representative class with the driver very prestigiously.

Besides cars representative and a business class we suggest to rent cars of economy class, a miniveins, minibuses.

Rent of the car with the driver on a wedding celebration

Аренда авто на свадьбу

When on a wedding the magnificent train is required, only prestigious cars with drivers can make it. It will show the level of prosperity and richness of a wedding, and of course, will become the magnificent and impressing guests ceremony element. Effect, which makes the train moving around the city from luxury identical cars, simply fascinating.

Among other things, you shouldn't care of delivery of guests in a registry office, restaurant or hotel after the end of festival. Our drivers will take care of everything.

Distant trips on the leased car

If necessary to visit various cities of our country or the near and far abroad (Russia, Europe) within a business trip, the leased car with the driver will be simply irreplaceable. You will be able to have a rest on the way in comfortable salon and you will show the success and a solvency before partners.