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прокат авто с водителем

Авто на свадьбу

Chain of the decorated cars on city streets is a distinctive sign of the wedding celebrated "in a big way". Yes, the wedding celebration seldom does without train, however, selection of cars for this purpose often turns into a stubborn problem. Simply to find enough automobile cars, however all want, that the train looked more impressive, that entered it representative  and whenever possible identical cars. Our company is always ready to provide to the clients cars which will decorate any wedding train.


The organization of a wedding procession with our help is:

New cars of a business class in perfect tune and with impressive technical characteristics. Our vehicle fleet is rich and various: for the train you can order any number of cars, pick up some absolutely identical models.  Such processions always look effectively.

Various jewelry for a wedding car. You don't need to worry concerning selection and purchase of jewelry: we can provide you a full set together with cars. Respectively, you can be sure that jewelry will be in harmony with car that they will be qualitative and pertinent

Reasonable prices. The cost of rent of a VIP-car for a wedding train depends on model of the car and begins from 200 000 rubles an hour.

Discounts. At rent of two cars and more (and the order of a car for a wedding procession usually includes some cars) each client can count on decrease in payment.

You want that your wedding was effective that photos and video records wanted to be revised on many times? Responsibly approach the organization of a celebration, including to the order of a wedding train! Our company with pleasure will provide the cars for implementation of the most important ceremony in your life!

На сайте компании Вип Такси Минска можно оформить вызов такси для встречи в аэропорту или на вокзале для доставки Вас в нужное место. Так же мы оказываем услугу проката авто с водителем.