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visa master belkart

прокат авто с водителем

Meeting at the airport, a transfer in/from the airport

You arrive to Belarus. On a business meeting, in business trip or simply for the weekend. The first problem which should be solved  is the road from the airport to the city. It is most convenient to make this way by a taxi  and by a taxi from our company!

You depart to other country  in holiday or on affairs. It is very probable that you need a taxi, but don't hurry to dial the first number. Having used our services, you are convinced,  that chose the most favorable option.

You need to meet the business partner or on the contrary, to bring him to the airport. And here often not to do without services of the taxi driver. And here our car with our driver will be the best choice!


Why a transfer in the airport with our help is profitable?


We are quick: we come on a call quickly, we reach to the airport in the shortest terms (thus, of course, without violating the traffic regulation).

We are provided with excellent equipment: our cars always are in a faultless state.

We carry out transfers to any point of the city, thus the cost of service doesn't change. 450 000 rubles (30$)  will be paid by our client irrespective of so much, what is the time he will carry out to a taxi.

You already learned the main thing from last point – our services cost absolutely not much. It is difficult to believe in it, but the call of our taxi in the airport (450 000 rubles) will manage to you cheaper, than services of other services and the more so a trip on any of the taxi which are on duty at the airport! Cheap, both thus most comfortably and quickly — yes, so happens!

If you (or your business partners) prefer to travel by rail, we are ready to help and with a trip to the railway station "Minsk-passenger" or a meeting at the station, with the subsequent delivery to the necessary address. The cost of this service 200 000 rubles, besides irrespective of, from what point of the city it is made.