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прокат авто с водителем

To call a VIP-taxi in Minsk

You the person,  who constantly seeks to support the status and to keep advantage. You love the maximum comfort in everything, especially on the way. You appreciate prestigious cars their bright appearance and proud character. You value the time and every minute you put in the successful future. If it you or your guest, the reliable friend or the partner, choose for him or yourself trips on the Belarusian capital in taxi VIP cars.

 At your service a taxi call with cars of a business class, trip in which turn into pleasant travel across Minsk or to the country.

Cost of services of our taxi service

  • Вип такси в Минске

    for trips across Minsk payment hourly – from 150.000 rubles an hour (run within the city isn't limited);

  • transfer cost in the airport or back – from 450.000 rubles;

  • at a trip across Belarus the cost of 1 km makes from only 8.000 rubles.

  • If you order a car for 3 hours and more, we provide you extra prices with pleasant discounts.

  • You can pay off with the driver, both cash, and the cash card, after all for your convenience our cars are equipped with terminals.

Principles of work of our service VIP of a taxi

Efficiency. We appreciate your time not less, than you. Therefore as soon as you call a taxi, our employees immediately process the demand and send the car coordinated with you to the necessary address strictly by the stipulated time.

Reliability. Our drivers were specially trained in driving of a taxi of the VIP level. They perfectly know Minsk and will bring you to the destination quickly, but without traffic violation of the rules. Cars of our park daily have examination at skilled mechanics and only after it are issued in flights.

Comfort. To call a taxi of our service  means to ensure all conveniences on a trip on any distances in the VIP-class car. You take pleasure smooth in the course, tidy spacious salon, pleasant climate inside and other advantages of our cars.


High level of service. All employees of our taxi service – from dispatchers to drivers – are most polite. They are always ready to use the best efforts that each trip of our clients was completely successful, after all Minsk also sometimes gives surprises on roads.

To call a taxi as a transfer in the airport and back

Заказать вип такси в Минске

If you planned a departure from the National airport  and it is necessary to be in time by the beginning of registration, call a class VIP taxi by phone or make out the demand on the site. Our drivers will bring you to flight beforehand and with necessary comfort, will help with luggage.


If you or your guests arrive to the National airport, to call a VIP-class taxi in advance will be the best decision. Our driver will meet you or your guests precisely due to  time, will wait in case of a delay of flight and will bring to the specified address

Taxi with business class cars in any point of Belarus

If you plan a business trip or solemn visit to any city of our country, surely consider business travel option on the comfortable prestigious car. You won't be attached to the schedule of buses, minibuses or trains. You will be able freely to move as well around the city in which the trip is planned. In convenient salon you won't be tired on the way and you will emphasize the status with a transport choice.